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Window Tint

Our Window Tinting

Window tinting acts as insulation for your windows. It will keep your home or office cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. It will protect your possessions from UV rays and therefore from fading. Skyworld films can block out up to 79% of the solar heat entering your home or office through the glass.

Can you imagine… how much warm or cool air you could keep from escaping! This saves you money on energy costs. Window tinting blocks out up to 85% of the glare from entering and all our films are 99% UV block out. These are just a few important factors why window tinting could be the solution for you.


Reduce Glare

Increase your comfort without losing your view.


Saved Energy

Stopping warm or cool air escaping saves you money on energy costs.


Block 98% UV Rays

Block harmful UV rays to prevent fading while still letting natural light in.


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